Pet Care From A Pet Owner’s Perspective

In the last blog, I looked at the dilemma of providing modern veterinary services and but with the increased cost to perspective clients. Today, let’s look at pet care from a client’s perspective and see where things go.

Have A Pet And Be HappyPuppy care

We have all heard about the great emotional and physical value of having a cat or dog (or rabbit, or whatever) as a pet. They reduce stress, encourage owner exercise, and help with depression and other medical issues. All of that fly away hair and yucky kisses help kids desensitize to certain allergies and challenge their immune system in a good way. Then there is the whole “best friend” aspect of a pet that you just can’t ignore. Let’s all get a pet (appropriate to your allergies and housing situation, of course) and be happy.

All Of Those Hidden Expenses

But wait! I wasn’t prepared for all of those hidden expenses. Most pets come with a fee of some sort (pure bred or rescue, there usually is a fee for owning/adopting and it is no joke!). OK, now they are home and all is good right? Not so fast. There are wellness visits, preventive care such as monthly flea control and heart worm preventative. Dog licencing, spay or neuter, puppy classes? Wow this first year is starting to really get expensive. My new pet may be fun for my kids but, as the responsible adult in the family, I am getting a little overwhelmed with all of these pet bills. When will it ever stop?

I Am Always At The Vet’s Office

Now your furry family friend is beyond the terrible youth stage and is cruising through adulthood. This is not so bad. Vaccines every 1-3 years. I still have those monthly preventatives, but I can get it in bulk now that my dog has stopped growing. Except for….. the ear hematoma, chronic allergies that just don’t go away, that messed up knee after jumping off the couch. It seems like I am always at the vet’s office and each time it costs me a TON of money. This is getting so frustrating. I have heard about pet insurance but it all seems so complicated. It is time to think about shopping around and see if I can find a way to reduce some of these pet care expenses.

Pet Care, The Senior Years

My wonderful pet has made it to their senior years. What a ride this has been for our family. The friendship, the laughs. We don’t know what we would do without our beloved pet. Then the old age kicks in one day and your pet seems to just fall apart. More vet visits, diagnostics, medication and repeat. It seem as if you are living at the vet’s office and every time that you turn around there goes a boat load of money towards your pet’s health bills. You really are struggling with the financial burden but how can you say no when it is your beloved friend, the one that has been there for you all of these years? With each passing day, month, and year you know that you are coming close to that time when you will have to say good bye. Emotions run the gamut of happy to sad, frustrated to laughing. This is just how being a pet parent goes.

Sharing The Burden

Through it all, our animal hospital has been there for us. Sometimes they have made me wait FOREVER for an appointment or have messed up my prescription or food order. I have learned to look past their mistakes and remember the joy that they had watching my pet grow up, the shared tears when that test came back clear, the phone calls late in the day just to help me deal with what I was feeling or fearing. Yup, we did it together. Sure, they cost a bit and at times I was really wondering how I was going to pay for everything that I really wanted for my pet. The struggle of pet ownership is real and is not going away anytime soon. With the right veterinarian, this struggle can be shared and the burden a bit lighter.